WordPress- Building a WordPress Blog

WordPress is the number one system for site building- period. I’m not going to get into all theWordPress- Building a WordPress Blog reasons why you should have a self hosted WordPress blog site. Hopefully you realize the importance already. I’ll tell you this: every site that I build now on the Internet is either a simple capture site or a WordPress blog site with capture capability. If you want to set up a successful WordPress blog site here is a list of things you need to do today that will get your site up and running fast:


5 Critical Issues when Building a WordPress Blog

1.       I have used numerous hosting systems but when it comes to building a WordPress blog the easiest and most affordable is Hostgator. They have a one click install so you can quickly load the WordPress format onto your site. Many systems require that you register your site name and go to the Control Panel (/cpanel at the end of your URL) and then look for the Fantastico icon and follow directions to input your WordPress format. Hostgator is just one click and it’s done. Click here for Hostgator.

2.       The next thing you’ll need is a Theme. The default WordPress theme is worthless if you want to monetize your site. You want a WordPress theme that easily allows you to customize the look and feel of your site. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of free themes available but most of them carry advertising or links to the provider that cannot be eliminated.

When you start to investigate customized themes you walk into a world riddled with confusion with pricing going up as far as hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some themes that you purchase allow you to use that theme on one site only. I can tell you this, if you’re intending to market on the Internet you will definitely eventually build multiple sites. So purchasing a theme that can be customized with different looks yet still gives you the ability to put that theme on multiple sites is very important. I have about 10 blog sites up. Many of them are simple sales funnels that need little attention. I build the site, install a capture form, connect that form to an autoresponder email system, and then let her go. Once I tweak it to the point where I’m getting a consistent lead flow weeks may go by without me visiting that site. A site like PhilipJStone.com requires daily attention to get the results that I really want. The best value I have found in themes is HeatMap. HeatMap gives lots of flexibility and offers color skins that can be easily activated so in a couple of clicks you can have a professional looking site that will do what you want. The price is great and the support and updating is top notch.

3.       If you intend to generate leads on your WordPress blog you must have a form where people can register so you can capture their contact information. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. One turnkey system that allows you to both build registration forms using beautiful templates that make your site very attractive and offers state-of-the-art autoresponder emails is Aweber. Try a test drive with Aweber and see for yourself. The form you see on the right is an Aweber form from their templates. Register on this site and you will get my autoresponder emails from their system.

If you’d like to get involved with the system that offers a great CRM (Customer Resource Management) system, auto responders, and tremendous training plus the ability to build a sales team and get involved in multiple network marketing programs with that one team, Monitium is your answer. You pay $50 a month for all the services, training, and tools they provide- but if you bring in four other people to the program your monthly fee is then waved while those four people remain active in the system.

4.    Once you have gotten your hosting, loaded the WordPress format onto your site, and uploaded your custom theme you then can start building your site. There is a list of critical plugins that I believe you must have to be able to operate a successful site. Many of these plugins are free. Some have a one-time fee. If you are serious about marketing on the Internet do yourself a big favor. Do it right the first time. If you are committed to monetizing your blog site just pull the trigger and get the tools you need to make that happen. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t just sit on the fence wondering what to do. Just get it done. For my critical plug-ins list click here:Top WordPress Plugins

5.       WordPress is like another language. You realize once you get involved that there’s a ton to learn, and that learning continues, well… forever. There’s a free download which by the way is a great giveaway on your blog site that offers tremendous value. It’s the Smart Media Desktop. Among the almost limitless video tutorials housed in the system is a wealth of WordPress training that covers all of the basics. All that training is free. The only way to successfully build a large list of contacts that you can potentially market to or even work with over time is by offering visitors to your site tremendous value without cost. Give away great stuff. The Smart Media Desktop is perfect start to the list of things you might giveaway on your blog to offer value to your visitors. Here’s the link to download it yourself:

Now Building Your WordPress Blog is Easy

So there you have it. It starts with hosting, then a WordPress theme, then an autoresponder system and the ability to create forms, then the construction of your site that begins with uploading the appropriate plug-ins, and finally acquiring powerful giveaways. Then it’s just a question of learning how to put these pieces together to get the optimal result. You’ll find all of that here at PhilipJStone.com.