What Is Article Marketing

What is art article marketing? It is composing articles, uploading them, and driving traffic to websites expecting to sell products, services, or opportunities. There are two benefits that you can get from article marketing. First, if you create articles with truly valuable content and upload and promote the article, you have a great likelihood that readers will follow the links that you include in that article, especially if you have a strong “call to action” near the link. Second, the links that you place in your articles can become incoming links to your site, increasing the value of your site in the eyes of the search engines. The most powerful and elusive part of SEO is creating a web of incoming links to your site, and article marketing is a fundamental part of an effective link building strategy.

The Basics of Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing

With article marketing there are basically three types of articles that can be written to drive traffic online:

  • ·         Articles for blog or web site posts
  • ·         Articles as press releases
  • ·         And articles sent to article submission sites

When writing articles for blog posts using an article marketing strategy, you have far more leeway than in press releases and articles uploaded to submission sites. On your blog or your site no one other than you is going to approve or disapprove it- as happens with most article submission and press release sites. And, you’re not going to be limited to the number of links and anchor text that you place in the body of your article. Another plus- you can be as self-serving as you choose, but be careful with the amount of self-serving content anyway.

Articles for press releases have to be approved in most cases before they’ll actually be live online. They will also need to have a newsworthy tone. They certainly cannot be self-serving. In other words, you can’t gush about you, your opportunity, or your products and services. If you decide to “write a review” of your products or services or opportunity, you’ll have to appear objective. And some press release submission sites automatically convert any links included in the press release to nofollow links, eliminating the benefit of the incoming links to your site. (Some article submission sites do that too- check your article after you have been approved) A nofollow link is almost like no link at all. People can still click on it and go where you send them but search engines won’t consider them when they are ranking you. You can do a search and find all kinds of free press release submission sites like www.free-press-release.com.

Articles sent to article submission sites like www.ezinearticles.com or www.goarticles.com have to be approved, cannot be to self-serving, and generally links in the body of the article are not allowed. When first creating your account with an article submission site as part of your article marketing strategy you need to be more cautious with your first dozen or so articles submitted. The author bio box should only have one link. After you’ve had a number of articles approved you may become more aggressive with your linking strategy. But at very least you should earn the benefit of a strong link to your site that will be followed and included in rankings by the search engine spiders.

Your Article Marketing Strategy Options

If you are article marketing to entice readers and drive traffic directly to your site, submitting to high PR ranking article submission sites is the way to go. As with everything on the Internet, patience and consistency are the keys to success.If primary objective of your article marketing is to create inbound links to your site you would be best served by setting up free accounts at multiple blog hosting sites and submitting your articles to multiple blogs, keeping in mind that you cannot submit duplicate content. But since no one is going to approve or disapprove your articles and you’re not limited by the number of links contained in your articles, you can have more links that come in to your chosen site. This is a powerful strategy when building link wheels.

So, what is article marketing? Article Marketing is a powerful link building and traffic driving strategy.