Twitter Limit- Rules of Twitter with Tweetadder

twitter limit with TweetadderIf you are automating Twitter using the Tweetadder system you’ll want to grow your accounts as rapidly as possible. To drive serious traffic with Twitter, you need big numbers.  But if you do things too aggressively you risk Twitter closing those accounts, so it’s imperative to understand the rules of Twitter and what kind of Twitter Limit you can expect when building your Twitter accounts. Here are just a few:

Rules of Twitter

All you need to set up a Twitter account is a unique email address. Since email addresses are easily attainable all over the Internet, if you choose to run 15 twitter accounts just get 15 different email addresses. It’s as simple as that. If you purchase the Tweetadder license for 5 accounts to start, set up all 5 right away.

When you open your account in Tweetadder, one of the first things you should do is send out a few manual tweets. You don’t have to worry about providing value because at that point because no one is following you anyway. It just makes the account look more natural if you are building quickly and tweeting at the same time. Remember that everything you do should appear natural rather than automated.

Among its countless options, the Tweetadder program gives you the opportunity to automatically follow and unfollow people. So one of the first things you’re going to want to do is generate a list of people to follow. Use their automation to never run out of people to follow. Consider following “followers of another user” if that user is a respected leader on the internet. Set your automation to send out follows between 1 and 7 minutes apart with the maximum follows to be sent out in a day set to under 700 you are on your way. If your goal is to add around 200 people a day as followers, realize that you will have to follow about 600 people a day to get those numbers. About one third of the people you follow will reciprocate and follow you back. And the reason that you can’t get more followers than about 200 in a day is that you should never exceed sending out 700 of anything in a given day. I’ve had friends get accounts completely closed by just unfollowing more than 700 people in one account in a single day.

So if you set your system up to follow about 600 people per day you’ll find a dilemma in about your fourth day. Twitter has limits as to the number of people you can follow. Once you are following 2000 people you cannot go beyond that 2000 until at least 1750 people are following you. You should hit that 2000 number in four days, and when you factor in the one third will reciprocate rule, you should have about 600 or so followers. The key to getting beyond that sticking point is to unfollow those who are not reciprocating. When I first set up a new Twitter account in Tweetadder I will set the unfollow tab so that people only have one day to follow me back before they go on my unfollow list. If you balance this perfectly you’ll be able to hit your magic 1750 followers in another 5 or 6 days and that allows you to start following more than 2000 people.

Know the Twitter Limit

The limit Twitter puts on the number of people you can follow versus the number of people that follow you is a 10% margin. In other words, if you have 2000 people following you, you can follow 10% more than that or 2200. With 3000 people following you, you can follow 3300. So developing a new account starts quickly because of the lack of limits until the 1750 barrier and then slows down after that until you build big numbers. When I get to the point where I have about 10,000 followers in one account I will set the days on the unfollow tab to two days to unfollow people who were followed using Tweetadder. I set it to three days once I have about 30,000 followers in the account.

Create a file of tweets for each individual Twitter account you set up. Go to the Tweet tab and type in letters to the maximum 140 character line. Then click the add button and the 140 character line will go into the list of tweets to be sent out. Export that to a file. The reason that you’re putting that 140 character line in is to be able to use that to measure the tweets that you write manually when you’re putting together a list of tweets to send. So the second thing you need to do is export that one 140 character tweet and save it in a notepad file. The tweet generator will be a huge help when generating the list of tweets. Use their automation. If you have The Best Spinner you can put your tweet writing on hyper-drive.

If you log into your Twitter account and send out a tweet manually and then try to send that identical tweet out a minute or so later, twitter will prevent that tweet from going out because it’s a duplicate. With that in mind, when you said I when you set up your automated tweets you want to have over 40 tweets per file to be imported into Tweetadder. If they are scheduled to go out every 1 to 7 minutes Twitter will not prevent your tweets from being posted. Scheduling a tweet every 1 to 7 minutes should give you a total of around 300 tweets sent out per account per day. Don’t go much beyond that or you are in the danger zone. I have been running numbers like that per account for years now and never have had an issue. My general approach is to try not to have the number of tweets sent out in an account be more than about 1.5 times the number of followers I have. I have seen accounts send out literally thousands of tweets per day and then when I go back to check that account again, and it’s gone.

Remember one key operating Tweetadder or any automated system for twitter is to stay patient and conservative. Keep things looking natural. Read more articles here on running Tweetadder. Like everything else online, the deeper you dig, the more you find. 

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