Tweet Adder for Twitter Automation

Tweet Adder lets anyone take advantage of the fact that Twitter is a Social Networking system unlike all others. Using automation like Tweet Adder one can easily add 200 new followers every day. With numbers like that anyone can have 15,000 followers in about 3 months- numbers not available through the other Social Networking Programs.  Because of the ease of developing massive numbers of followers, Twitter can be used very effectively to drive traffic.Tweet-Adder-Phil_Stone_SuperTools

Certainly you can drive some traffic through other Social Networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but neither is structured in a manner that makes it easy for the average person to actively acquire huge numbers of friends and connections. You can meet people on Facebook or LinkedIn and offer links to them to drive traffic to websites, but if you want to try to drive massive numbers, Twitter is your answer and Tweet Adder automates the entire process.

Use Tweet Adder to Automate Twitter

Because Internet marketing can get so complicated and involved, any time you have a chance to develop an automated system, use it. That’s exactly what I have been doing for the past number of years with Twitter. Tweet Adder, the system that I’ve been using that entire time, has allowed me to manage multiple Twitter accounts and automate the process of following, unfollowing, tweeting, and every other function offered through twitter.

This Tweet Adder program offers tremendous flexibility in building your Twitter following. You can automate one single account or multiple accounts. Keep in mind that Twitter would prefer that you only have one personal account. With that in mind, there are some rules and limitations that really are not available readily on the Internet that must be adhered to if you really want great results.

I remember one Friday night going to sleep with a total of about 70,000 followers in seven accounts and then waking up the next morning with four of those accounts closed by twitter. I went from 70,000 followers to 30,000 followers in one night because a very simple mistake- but that’s a topic of another article.

Another powerful Tweet Adder feature is the ability to pre-write tweets and then schedule them to go out on pre-selected intervals throughout the day. I have seen many people send literally thousands of tweets out in one days’ time spamming the Twitter system and Twitter answers by closing their accounts. So I’ve learned to keep the tweet numbers per account in the range of about 300 or less per day maximum.

Get the Tweet Adder License for 5 Accounts First

The Tweet Adder system is available for one-time licensing fee that includes free updates. The creators are dedicated to keeping Tweet Adder current with any Twitter adjustments or new rules. They have great support too. I generally suggest that people start by purchasing a license to open five accounts. That’s the way I began. Once I felt comfortable with the Tweet Adder system, I upgraded my license. You can choose from 1 to 5 to 10 to an infinite number of accounts. Again, 5 is a great starting point.

As is typical with everything that you find on the Internet, there is a learning curve with Tweet Adder. The articles and videos available now and in the future in my Social Networking category and the Phil Stone Video Training Series are all designed to help you get the most out of Tweet Adder.