Geoff Young with Testimonial for Phil StoneThere are three key components to any successful business. First, not only do you need the proper tools to do the job (build your business), you also need to know how to use them. Second, a passion for serving others while building relationships. And third, leadership skills with a willingness to grow and teach others what you learn consistently from a heart of service.At PhillipJStone.com one of my friends and mentors, Phil Stone, not only gives you the tools you need to succeed in the Home Based Business industry, he also teaches you how to used them. I also know personally Phil walks his talk. He always answers my call to listen to me and guide me with his leadership skills.

Phil and I have developed a strong networking relationship over the past few years. I highly recommend PhillipJStone.com for anyone who is serious about building a Home Based Business beginning with a solid foundation.


An important and often forgotten component of any successful business is the mindset of leadership. A skilled craftsman can properly show you how to use a tool. A skilled leader shows you where, when, and what tools to use.


Geoff Young

Leadership Mindset Consultant


Richard Petrillo with a testimonial to Phil StoneI met Phil a year and a half ago, through twitter actually. I had one account with maybe 500 followers at the time. He always had such informative tweets that offered nothing but value. Through some direct messages Phil was guiding me with some tips on twitter. Shortly after we connected via the phone and I was just amazed at how much time Phil spent with me. He provide much insight into the world of twitter and suggested a program that would help automate my tweets. Well, 60,000+ followers later, I want to say Thank-You Phil for unselfishly taking the time to teach me the ropes!
It was around the same time that I had just started to blog and was learning as much as I could about attraction marketing.


Needless to say I was a bit confused about SEO and couldn’t think of a better mentor to learn from. So I contacted Phil and once again, he took the time to explain most things, turned me onto some great articles and videos he had done about SEO and before long, I was ranking on the first page of Google within a couple of days. I’ve since been able to take what Phil has taught me and through proper keyword research, I’ve been able to land on the first page of Google in less than 12 hours.


So, if you are new to Phillipjstone.com then you are in for a real treat! This will be your one-stop shopping site for all the network marketing info you will ever need to get off on the right foot! Phil is a true professional and master at his craft! This one website alone will save you thousands of hours of research and if you follow what Phil teaches, you can’t help but become successful!


He has put an awful lot of time into all the video trainings and articles here so, if you have the desire to learn what it takes to market online, this is one of best marketing coaches you will find!
Thanks again Phil for all you do!

Richard Petrillo

Cara Olson testimonial for Phil StonePhil is a great teacher and trainer for the network marketing industry. Although he has many years of experience in the industry and has experienced tremendous success, he continuously is learning new tools and tricks on the Internet which he gladly shares for free for his team.A great leader, inspirational, and all around good guy,  Phil has been quite an influence on our network marketing business.  He is very loyal and dedicated to those he works with.  You will not go wrong if you need guidance and a caring hand, as Phil will be there to help. 

Cara Olson


Dennis Puleo with testimonial for Phil StoneI have spent the better part of my adult life Identifying; Cultivating ; & Observing business leaders & both their habits & their traits.

Phil Stone has been “1 in a million” in my book.


Phil stands alone in his class as he possesses a gifted skill set that has only gotten better with time….


When I first met Phil; more than 35 years ago; he was in his mid 20′s and stepping away from the music industry.


I sensed he was special;  as he was  brimming with both enthusiasm & creativity.  He has always been a quick study … a quick learner ….because like an instrument; he listens …


It is actually quite simple … it appears that it is his uncanny ability to really listen ; sense the slightest “nuances” that become the key to his success in any business venture …


I stood witness as his creative skills were rewarded from several National Companies that showered both he & his wife with Diamonds; Mink coats and even trips throughout Europe.


I might compare Phil to a Master of Martial Arts; who stands firmly and uses his opponents actions & energies to work to his advantage….


Phil has this uncanny ability  to overcome what many may consider an insurmountable obstacle; with a simple slight of hand.


He treats  business problems like minor inconveniences; or  speed bumps; and smoothes out the path towards any objective he’s facing.  What makes him so unique ; so special ??


In his own uncanny way he sorts through challenges as though he were handling a mental “rubics cube” & transforms problems into solutions and almost artwork.


Phil’s abilities separate him from the every day “business or marketing consultants” …..


His secret to success as a business consultant is not written in a manual or apt to be stolen from his briefcase in order to be replicated … because frankly ; his creative solutions are buried deeply in his mind.

Dennis Puleo


Lane Romero-Reiss Testimonial for Phil StonePhil Stone is one of those rare individuals who bridges the gap between two different schools of thought. The network marketing industry seems to have polarized itself between “new school” and “old school” techniques, almost forcing people to pick sides when building their business. The truth is, there is no need to choose one side over another, and no one understands this better than Phil.

As a 30-year veteran of the industry, Phil recognizes that the tried and true relationship building skills he has developed over the years are still just as important today, if not more so. He also is smart enough to know that many tools have been developed which make our job as marketers easier. What is so fantastic about working with Phil is that he knows when to use those tools, and how, so members of his team don’t lose sight of the fact that our business is built on developing relationships.

If you want to embrace the best of the “old school” and “new school” techniques, then you can’t find a better teacher and trainer than Phillip J Stone. I have been in this industry for five years, and I still find myself learning new things from him nearly every time we speak. I’m thrilled to consider myself a business partner, as well as a friend.

Lane Romero-Reiss