Testimonials for Personal Branding

Personal Branding with TestimonialsPersonal branding continues to grow in importance as Internet marketing enjoys waves of new participants. Gone are the days when we as marketers promote only the company names we associate with rather than our own. One key element of personal branding that cannot be ignored is the importance of third-party validation, including testimonials. Testimonials for personal branding are becoming a must.

Why Testimonials for Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the foundation of attraction marketing. The concept of attraction marketing is simple. To attract people to you, you create valuable solution oriented content in the form of articles and videos. As people search for “how to” information to solve their online marketing problems, the solutions you offer prove you bring value to the table. Through visitor’s indirect contact with you, a relationship develops and a feeling of trust grows. That trust gives those people the confidence to buy from you, and potentially work with you in any opportunity you represent. You attract those people to you rather than you searching for them. They become your source of opportunities to market your services or programs.

Attraction marketing makes sense. Attraction marketing is far more appealing than any other method ofPersonal Branding and Attraction Marketing lead generation. When you build a system where people seek you out, you have a program that offers results without rejection. The only way to be successful with attraction marketing is to be effective with your personal branding efforts. Your visitors buy you before they buy your products or your opportunity.

As attraction marketing has developed into the premier method of online lead generation, many people exaggerate their skill sets in order to attract others to them. As result, it’s really hard to know who is really credentialed. Since anyone can go online and write a very powerful third person article filled with praise and accolades about themselves, how can you trust what you find?

The best way to eliminate this doubt is to make third-party validation a high priority task in your personal branding efforts. Always look for testimonials for personal branding. You may occasionally receive unsolicited testimonials from people who have gotten a great result from the solutions you offer online, but it’s rare to get more than just simple one-liners saying thanks. If you want more content in your testimonials you are going to have to ask for it.testimonials for personal branding

How to Find Testimonials for Personal Branding

The best place to find a continued source of testimonials is through the comments that you get from the things that you post online. If you’re on Facebook and you post a link to something people find valuable and you get a favorable comment, message that person back and asked them if they would consider elaborating on that so you might included their thoughts on your website. Include the words, “kind enough to help”. Don’t put this request right on your wall or in a public place. Here’s an example:

“Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my video. I’m delighted it was something that helped you. May I ask a favor? Would you be kind enough to help me by elaborating a bit so that I might include your story on my website- as a testimonial?”

Include a direct link to the actual page where you will post that testimonial. I always offer to put a link to whatever site they like to promote, providing they will not directly be promoting a product or an opportunity. And I ask them for a picture that I can include to enhance their ability to be successful at personal branding. They help me- I help them. Take a look at my testimonials for personal branding.

When it comes to testimonials for personal branding I don’t even want to even edit what is offered. Spell check- yes, but I want it in their words with their own style and structure. I like knowing that what I offer my visitors is genuine, though many years ago I had been known to help create copy for others to approve for their testimonial. Honest validation is my goal. I suggest that approach for you too as we all put more stock in the value of testimonials for personal branding.