Super Tools

Here is my personal list of Super Tools. These are all things I use to continue generating the multiple 6-Figure Annual income I’ve come to expect from my efforts. Each one has tremendous value for me- and I feel totally confident recommending them to you! Watch for New Additions as I test others. 

Click here for Voice Recognition SoftwareDragon-Phil_Stone-Supertools

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software to save a ton of time when I write articles, blog posts, autoresponder copy, emails, and anything else I could type.

The only person who types away on their computer who doesn’t need this is someone who can type as fast as they can talk.

What used to take me an hour or so- my first draft of a 500-600 word article- now takes me less than 15 minutes. Would you pay $150 to save 45 minutes work on every article you write?

With their Holiday Special you can get the entire bundle- software and their hardware pack for 1/2 the regular. Grab one. When they ship it to you- you will be up and running in minutes.

Click here for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Click here for Ninja Pinner Ninja Pinner to Automate Pinterest


Pinterest continues to grow. Take the Free trial for this automation tool.

If you want to use Pinterest for Business you can influence more people if you have more followers. Unless you have time to kill you should use automation.

Ninja Pinner is not a fully automated program like tweet adder. It takes some monitoring. But for the low cost, it’s a great tool.

I can tell you that with the way I have structured my Pinterest Accounts, and “yes” you can run multiple accounts through this program, I have seen an increase in traffic to the things I promote on Pinterest.

Use the link to try it out. They offer a couple of hours of use as a free trail. If nothing else, you can use it to add a bunch of followers automatically. If you don’t keep it, you have benefitted.

It’s simple too. You don’t need to get a technology degree to get results.

Click here for Ninja Pinner

Click here for SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a Must Have FREE tool to evaluate site ranking, links, and a number of other tools.

SEO is more than getting your site right- it means analyzing your competition. If you want to rank for a specific set of key words, find out who is ranking for them now and examine who they are and how they got that ranking. You will need to know that before you can expect to control the process of outranking them.

Face it- you have to move above the sites at the top now. You must compete for that coveted first slot and SEO Quake will give you the information needed to plan your assault on your competition.

I have this Free plugin running on my Firefox- but there are more options. Check out their site.

Click here for SEO Quake

Click here for Ninja AffiliateMax Blog Press Ninja Affiliate- Phil Stone Super Tools

Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate is a paid WordPress Plugin that will multiply your affiliate sales.

When you purchase a system or tool and find it to be of great value to you the first thing you need to do is set up an affiliate relationship. Then you can tell others about your “find” and help them too. The internet is all about offering value, right?

Well, instead of putting that intimidating affiliate link on your blog site and risk losing people who contemplate clicking on your link, Ninja that link! You will also be able to track clicks to the Ninja link you create- plus automatically insert your Ninja link into your post, pages, and anywhere else you place links- like email or social networks!

Click here for Ninja Affiliate

Click here for Heat Map Theme                             Heat Map Theme Phil Stone Super Tools

Heat Map Theme is a custom quality theme for under $100. You can use it on multiple sites and each one can have a totally different look.

This theme comes with skins that offer instant color templates so you can put a site up that looks professional in a heartbeat. Look at It’s the Heat Map Theme. I have about 10 sites up using it and love the look. By the way- yours won’t look like mine unless you set it up like mine.

There’s great support- and you can always ask me- and the creator keeps things updated. I love working with products from people as dedicated as I am- don’t you?

Click here for Heat Map Theme



Click here for Traffic Formula 2 Traffic-Formula-2-Phil Stone SuperTools Traffic Formula 2 was the first training I purchased that was truly worth more than I paid for it!

Mike Dillard has created a library of available trainings over the last few years and each one is well worth the price. His organization keeps the associated downloads fresh and makes sure the course stays relevant.

This course is not cheap so if you are one of those people who has great intentions but doesn’t always follow through- skip this. But if you are dedicated and have made the decision to make a great living online- don’t hesitate. My daughter is attending Pepperdine working toward her doctorate in Psychology. That isn’t cheap either.

If you want a step by step training system- follow the link- and then take it one step at a time.

Click here for Traffic Formula 2

Click here for Traffic Geyser 


Traffic Geyser is a great video submission software tool- but it’s not cheap. You get a free trial for $1 and can test out the system. It does more than just send your videos to over 50 video submission sites- but getting your videos all over the internet is its true value.

If you keep Traffic Geyser you’ll pay almost $100 per month- so it’s not a tool for someone who plans to use video marketing to drive traffic and build links every once in a while. If you produce videos almost daily- then you will find great value here. 

If you aren’t sure how much you will use this- try using a Free program called TubeMogul. It is limited- as you might expect- but is a great start.

Creating a video for each new article you post on your site is a great way to drive extra traffic. A short one minute video can be a huge boost if you use the video to “sell” going to the article.

Click here for TubeMogul.

Click here for Traffic Geyser 


 Click here for Tweet Adder                                   Tweet-Adder-Phil_Stone_SuperTools

Tweet Adder is a Super Tool that has been a best friend of mine for years now. With the automation of Tweet Adder anyone can take a new or existing Twitter account and add 15,000 followers in 90 days.

Tweet Adder also gives the ability to manage more than one account in the program. Twitter would prefer that each person only has one account- so there are some unwritten rules (that I disclose in the Social Media section of this site) that must be followed so Twitter doesn’t close your accounts- but, follow the rules and you can use Tweet Adder to automate all of your Twitter activities allowing you to drive massive traffic to the valuable content you build online.

I generally suggest people start by getting the license to manage 5 accounts and start learning the rules. Then add the ability to manage more later. This has proven to be a powerful and cost effective approach for most everyone.

 Click here for Tweet Adder

Click here for The Best Spinner The Best Spinner

If you decide to get serious about article marketing- which I believe is the number one most powerful component of Attraction Marketing, get The Best Spinner.

It takes time to compose a quality article and you cannot submit duplicat content so you must first write your article and then create unique versions of it to post all over the web if you want to make the most of your efforts. I can write an article and using The Best Spinner I can have hundreds of unique variations in less than an hour.

Each unique article can link to my site creating countless valuable backlinks to help my search engine ranking. And, people who read those articles can follow those links and become visitors. Driving traffic is one of the mose ellusive tasks online- but The Best Spinner is a Super Tool that makes it work.

They have a cheap one-week trial and great video tutorials. If you write articles to drive traffic or for attraction marketing- get it-period!

Click here for The Best Spinner

Click here for my article detailing the features and benefits. The Best Spinner Article.

Click here for LightscreenLightscreen-Phil_Stone-Supertool

Ever want to take a fast Screen Shot? Maybe you are watching a great webinar and what the presenter has showing on their screen will be gone before you can hope to take notes.

Lightscreen is your FREE answer. You can take shots of the entire screen or just one area. And there’s virtually no learning curve.

Download it and use it- right away.

By the way- I couldn’t find a logo that was large enough for this page so I used Lightscreen and PowerPoint to create the visual you see on the left. Just took me a minute.

Click here for Lightscreen

Click here for SeNukeX                                          senukex-Phil_Stone-supertools

SeNukeX is not for beginners. It is not cheap either. But if you already are making some money online and you want to multiply your earnings- this is powerful.

For site ranking and driving targeted traffic, I have seen nothing like it. Use it to interface with The Best Spinner to generate unique articles, press releases, blog posts, and more to submit your creations all over the internet.

I have gotten first page rankings using SeNukeX for highly competative keywords that people had said I could never rank highly for.

You get a free trial- but there is a lot to learn with this. Do not even consider it if you are a casual internet marketer. Do not use it if you aren’t comfortable operating in the grey areas of the internet.

But if you are willing to “do whatever it takes” to succeed online you are going to love this!

Click here for SeNukeX