Pinterest Marketing- Send Pins to Your Pinterest Followers

If you want to do some Pinterest marketing or driving traffic to your site with Pinterest, here’s a tip you will love. You can send pins to your Pinterest followers- any of them!Get Cashback on most things you buy now.

Sure, you can comment on their Pinterest pin to get a message to them, but if you send pins to your Pinterest followers it’s private!

First let me give you a step by step of how to send pins to your Pinterest followers.

Start by going to the Pinterest  board where you have the pin you want to send. Click on the board to open your pins. Then click on the actual pin you want to send. Look at the top of your Pinterest pin (See the diagram 1). When you click on the “send” button you will expose a dialog box (See diagram 2).

If you want to send pins to your Pinterest followers you probably don’t have their email address, right? Type the Pinterest user name of the person you want to receive your Pinterest pin into the search box where you can see that magnifying glass icon. (diagram 2) You’ll find the name pop up beneath the box. Click on the name. You will get a confirmation message that your pin has been sent.

Send Pins to your Pinterest FollowersWhen you send pins to your Pinterest followers you should include a short message. Click on the icon above the magnifying glass to add a message to go with your pin. A short personal message will make your gift less like spam. Ask relevant questions- that’s always powerful.

If you have taken the time to put a link to your web site on your pin as I have done with mine you will be sending a direct link to your site when you send pins to your Pinterest followers too- great for driving more traffic.

People don’t like spam. They don’t like unsolicited sales information. They don’t like to be bothered. Be careful. Take the time to craft a pin that will be interesting and not offensive. Don’t overdo this. If you become a pest and Pinterest gets complaints when you send pins to your Pinterest followers, you may get your account closed!

I like using Powerpoint to put a custom message along with an impressive picture when I create a pin to send to followers. Once I have it composed, I take a screenshot of the area with Lightscreen to create a jpeg. Then I pin it on the appropriate Pinterest board. Now I am ready to send that pin to my followers. The 2 diagrams you see here were created exactly that way.

Take a minute and check out the other information on Pinterest marketing before you go- and make a relevant comment. As always, I appreciate your interest.

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