Pinterest Marketing Tips for Powerful Results

Driving Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest By the Numbers

I’ve just passed 10,000 followers with one of my Pinterest accounts, and yes, I have multiple accounts. Here are a few facts that, once understood, will multiply your results.

The internet is about numbers. The more people you can reach, the more influence you can have. If you have 10 Pinterest followers and you pin something that you hope will drive traffic to your site, how many people are likely to visit your site? Let’s look.

If your 10 Pinterest followers see your pin and each follower repins your pin and they have 100 followers each, you have 1010 people who might see your pin and visit your site. Will that happen? No.

Because of using tweet adder to build twitter, I have accumulated over ¾ of a million followers. With numbers like that, I can drive traffic. I must offer solutions to have any hope of getting big numbers.

Pinterest Marketing with Solutions

People want to be entertained, so if I pin truly entertaining content, I am offering a solution. Does everyone go online for entertainment? No, so I won’t get everybody, but if my Pinterest content is entertaining enough and others share it, I could get traffic to my entertaining Pins from even more people than follow me directly. But everybody wants viral content to drive massive viewership and traffic, not only on Pinterest, but everywhere, yet very few ever create anything that goes viral.

People want opportunity. But, believe it or not, most people don’t go looking for opportunity. Those who offer opportunity usually find the opportunity seeker first. There are lots of tools and mechanisms that they can use. So, those who offer opportunity are always looking for those tools mechanisms. That is the core of attraction marketing. As example, you want to be more effective with Pinterest, so you came here. I want people to partner with Kim and me in the business we promote. Your need to find solutions to your Pinterest success brought you closer to me. I need to run big numbers to make all this work.

Pin striking pictures, eye catching scenes, mouth watering foods, attention getting infographics, always thinking, “How will this captivate my visitor and what solution does it offer?”

Choosing Who to Follow on Pinterest

If you are thinking of following someone who has way more followers than those they are following, what does that tell you? It screams, “Go ahead; follow me. Chances are I won’t follow you back!” If they followed back every person who followed them, their number of followers and following would be equal.

Look at the 6 Pinners below. Rebecca has 6057 Followers. She is only following 427. That means there are 6057 - 427= 5630 people who are following her whom she is not following back. If you follow Rebecca, will she follow you back? Look at these 6 pinners. They are all unlikely to follow anybody back, right?

Pinterest Pinners Unlikely to Follow You BackNow let’s look at people who don’t seem very active at all. They may wake up and start building their Pinterest following; they may not. See Schedule Fred and the other 2 on the left- not very active. The 3 on the right look active and are the most likely to follow you back- so follow them, or people with numbers like that.

Pinterest Pinners both Active and not Active

On Pinterest I generally look for someone with about 300 people they are following- or more. And I look for people who have 8 Pins next to their Picture. I prefer the picture to be a head shot rather than some cute unidentifiable person, animal, or graphic. Those things tell me they have invested time in setting up their Pinterest account and are likely to be serious Pinterest enthusiasts.

I use Pinterest automation to filter who I follow and speed up the process. It’s all about the number of followers and Pins that capture the attention of the Pinterest audience. That’s the key to Pinterest Marketing.