Pinterest Ideas- My Top Ten Advanced Pinterest Tips

Pinterest Marketing by Phil StoneIf you have been toying with Pinterest, wondering how to get results, here are 10 Pinterest Tips. If you don’t find anything here that helps you get better Pinterest results, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!


1. Daily, or at least every couple days, log on to Pinterest and click on “Followers” and scroll through to follow back those who are following you. The newest followers will be at the top of your list so are easy to spot.Pinterest Followers


If you have never done this, take the time to go through all the followers you have to make sure you have followed back each one. Just keep scrolling and looking for the “follow” tab next to your follower and click on it. When you get to the very bottom of the page, click on “More People” until you reach the very end. After that, stay on top of your Pinterest followers by logging onto Pinterest and checking to see who is following you who you have yet to follow back.


Don’t worry about those who have no pins. When they log in they will see the new pins you have put up. If they engage, great; if they don’t, it hasn’t hurt anything.


And, don’t worry about people who put up pins that border on, or actually are pornographic. They will get their accounts cancelled in time and you will lose one follower and one following. No big deal.


Funny how many men have a lingerie board up. Those, as long as they stay inside the line of decency, will not get cancelled. Sex sells, and sometimes provocative or sexy pictures might help, depending on what you want to promote. If you choose to put borderline pictures up, don’t go much past what you might see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog or site and you won’t get in trouble.


A tattoo board gives the ability to put up scantily clothed people too. Remember your target audience though. Not everyone sees tattoos as desirable art.


Others go the “fitness” route to include skin. I always love the Pinterest account where there are fitness boards with people without any body fat at all, and next to that, boards with delicious recipes with pictures of artery clogging delicacies. Stay consistent to some kind of theme, or at least don’t put things up on Pinterest that take away from the theme you choose.


2. Use keyword research to decide what to title boards and what info you might want to add to the pins there. Keyword Tool External Keyword ToolsYou do have 500 characters to work with in your Pinterest description, but keep you descriptions to about the length of a tweet: 140 characters. People like to see your pictures. If they wanted to read, they would have gone to your blog instead of Pinterest.


Use keywords in the Pinterest Search Box to find people you want to follow. Remember that you can search pins, boards, and people. Try a variation.


3. If you are using your boards for marketing, don’t set up hundreds of them. People will get bored and leave before they have a chance to follow your links to your sites.  Do things that make them want to find out more by going to your site rather than staying on Pinterest.


4. Your new pins are featured to your followers along with the pins of the others they follow when they log in. When you pin a new picture, those who follow you might see that pin when they log onto Pinterest, so you want to add pins regularly.


But keeping in mind that you don’t want to end up with thousands of pictures, consider deleting pins that are up for a long time and get no comments or likes. They are not helping and are just occupying valuable space.


5. Follow people on Pinterest, either automated or manually. Be consistent. Each person you follow gets an email announcing you as a new follower.


Pinterest Email NotificationIf you really want to stand out and you have the time, consider following individual boards. If you were to follow say 5 of my boards, the email I get will show each of those boards you are following listed in one email to me. Many times I will get an email saying I have 15 new followers and they lump them all together when 15 people follow my entire account. You can follow the entire account, or just specific boards. Choose based on available time and the results you want.


6. Make relevant comments- and even ask a question of a pinner on their pin. Emails are sent to the owner saying that you have made a comment, but the email does not show the comment. The only way the pin owner can see what you said is by clicking on the link in the email and going to the pin itself.


If you take the time to follow a comment on one of your Pinterest Pins, if it seems genuine and not a comment from an automated system, reply. They will get notified of your reply and may want to know more about you, driving traffic to your main site.


7. If you upload your own pictures- anything you have stored on your computer, after the pin is up,Pinterest User without Picture click to edit that pin. Then add whatever URL you want to promote. URL’s are added automatically when you pin from an online site. They must be manually added when you take something off of your hard drive.


8. When people click on a list of following and followers they see a very small image of the 8 most recent pins you put up. Phil Stone Pinterest AccountMake sure that what they see is what you want seen. Click on your followers, then click on one of them who has a small number they are following so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds, and find yourself in their list of Pinterest people who follow them- you- if you want to see what people are seeing of your small thumbnails.


Ninja Pinner at Phil Stone

Use Ninja Pinner to Automate Pinterest


There does not appear right now to be a ratio limit to your followers versus your following. Twitter has clear requirements, their 10% rule and the 2000 barrier. It seems that Pinterest does not.


10. Put up eye catching pins. Pictures, art work, and infographics that grab attention are the key. With that in mind, put up a profile picture for yourself. Use a head shot. People’s brains are wired to remember faces. If you have an interesting set of boards and a great picture of yourself, you will be remembered too.

Pinterest ideas are easily found. Log on and look. But Pinterest ideas that get you results- they are lacking. Use these Pinterest ideas and my top 10 advanced Pinterest tips to get ahead of the crowd.

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