Phil Stone

Phil Stone and Family

Phil Stone's Family. (Left to right) Son Bryan and his wife Ali, Dad's wife Carol, wife Kim, Zach's bride Leisa, Son Zach, Phil, and Daughters Lilly and Seana

When it comes right down to it family leads the list of priorities for Phil Stone. I am now officially in my 60′s and have been blessed with finding Kim who is the love of my life and doubles as my best friend, and we have raised 4 great kids. The picture was in Cancun for Zach and Leisa’s wedding- a spectacular event!

Phil Stone- the Life Journey

Sales came naturally to me from when I was a little boy. Young Phil Stone had the paper route, mowed neighbors lawns, and cooked up whatever plan I could think of to earn money. Then Santa brought me a guitar when I was 13. That changed everything. Music became my passion.

My next life changing event was being diagnosed with Cancer at age 16. It was a brutal ordeal- but here I am- Phil Stone is a Cancer Survivor. Being bass player of a Connecticut band as a second year college student and not knowing if I would survive my Cancer, when we got an MGM recording contract continuing with school seemed totally unimportant. My 20′s were spent living the dream- Phil Stone, rock musician. Yes, I do have stories.

Family didn’t fit with the rock lifestyle so my 30′s found me in Corporate sales. In my career I have trained thousands of sales people and have sold everything from homes to franchises to vitamins. Network Marketing was my ticket out of the Corporate rat race, and now the internet is my resource. Web sites, sales funnels, video production, SEO, speaking to groups, 3-way calls, Webinars, and all that leads to success in Internet and Network Marketing are the things that excite Phil Stone in business today.

Phil Stone on the Mike

The Phil Stone Philosophy

I’ve learned that the more I give, the more that I get. That’s what this site is all about. I do this full time because I truly love what I do. What about you?