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Keyword Research Picture Click here for an 11 minute video that goes over ,“Keyword Research” and shows how to use the Google Keyword tool. Keyword Research is critical to online success.
Pay Per Click vs SEO Search Engine Optimization

Click here for a 9 minute video that goes over ,“Pay Per Click versus SEO”. Pay Per Click and SEO or Search Engine Optimization are both effective strategies for lead generation, and they are both based on Keywords. PPC- you buy specific Keywords. SEO- you rank for specific Keywords. This 9 minute video is a comparison of the two strategies.

Many people who start building an Attraction Marketing System using SEO discover that it takes a lot more work than they anticipated. Watch this video and you’ll understand the real value of an effective SEO system that brings you a consistent stream of leads.

What Is a Niche What is a Niche? This video by Phil Stone answers the question, “What Is a Niche”, and shows how to identify a viable market niche using keyword research.




Personal Branding for New Marketers Click here for a 6 minute video that explains the basics of “Personal Branding for New Marketers” Personal Brending both online and off has never been more important than it is today. Attraction Marketing’s foundation is personal branding. Knowing how to create a successful personal brand, even when you are just getting started, is a major key to online success.
Testimonials for Personal Branding Click here for a 5 minute video that explains the importance of having “Testimonials for Personal Branding” Attraction Marketing success depends on trust and credibility and testimonials are the solution.
MLM Attraction Marketing Click here for a 4 minute video that explains the objectives that must be reached to build an Attraction Marketing System for “MLM Attraction Marketing”. Attraction Marketing success requires a strong Personal Branding presence so this video fits here, though it could also have been included in the “Marketing” section below. .


Working with Articles

What is Article Marketing by Phil Stone Click here for a 4 minute video that gives an overview and answers the question,“What Is Article Marketing?”
 What Is Article Spinning Click here for a 10 minute video that gives an overview and answers the question,“What Is Article Spinning?” You will see The Best Spinner in action and how I write multiple tweets for the Tweet Adder Program using spin syntax.


HTML for WordPress Video by Phil Stone Click here for a 7 minute video that offers basic HTML for WordPress blog owners aptly titled,“HTML for WordPress” If you have a WordPress blog, these simple HTML basics will make a difference in your SEO and your reader’s experience. Learn and use at least this much code.


Working with Leads

Qualifying Leads by Phil Stone Click here for a 24 minute video that explains exactly how to “Qualify Leads” for better closing ratios and time efficiency.
MLM Lead Generation Video Click here for a 9 minute video that goes over 7 main strategies for “MLM Lead Generation” for developing systems that bring a continuous flow of leads.The best approach is to use a combination of these techniques.By the way, I have personally used every lead generation technique described in this video.
 How to Recruit Effectively video cover. Click here for a 16 minute video that gives a step by step overview on“How to Recruit” for optimal effectiveness and results.



Capture Sites

 Capture Sites by Phil Stone  Click here for a 12 minute video that shows how to “Build Capture Sites” for your Internet Marketing business.
Instant Sales System- Adding Pictures to your Site by Phil Stone Click here for an 18 minute video that explains how to insert both “Pictures and Video into an Instant Sales System” custom template when building an Instant Sales System Capture site




 Boost Your Click Through Rate Click here for a 6 minute video that goes over the basics of how to “Boost Your Click Through Rate” on any links you send out online.
Building Backlinks and Link Wheels Click here for a 10 minute video that teaches,“Building Backlinks and Link Wheels”  This is an absolute MUST for SEO!
Link Tracking- How to Track Clicks Click here for a 7 1/2 minute video that teaches,“Link Tracking & How to Track Clicks”  If you are going to drive traffic by posting links in more than one place- you need to watch this. I talk about the analytic systems like Clicky and Google Analytics, show using to shorten links and track clicks, and show how the Ninja Affiliate Plugin does a great job with Link Tracking and automatically creating Anchor Text inside posts and pages.
 Using the YouTube Description Box Click here for a 7 minute video that shows the proper way of “Using the YouTube Description Box”There are a number of elements you need to include when writing the description in your YouTube Description Box to effectively drive traffic and build backlinks to your video, and to your main Web Site.You will also see how the YouTube description box content is interpreted when you post a link to your video on Facebook. This is a very powerful tool you do not want to overlook.
Social Monkee Free Backlink Builder Tutorial Click here for a 6 minute video that shows how to use the “Social Monkee Free Backlink Builder”Backlinks are a critical part of SEO. Using a variety of methods to optimize what you post will get the best results rather than sticking to one method. That’s why it makes so much sense to have assorted tools for building backlinks.Social Monkee is a free system that will get you 25 backlinks in the form of bookmarks every day. Once you use it a couple of times you can set it up to send those backlinks in just about 10 minutes. How can you beat that?
Pinterest Marketing- How to Market on Pinterest Pinterest will be huge. Click here for a 7 minute video that shows how to get started with “Pinterest Marketing”Every day you wait you are missing opportunity.