Personal Coaching with Phil Stone

Save Money on My Personal Coaching and More!

I do offer personal coaching. And Lyoness members get 6% off through their Lyoness benefits. If you are not yet a member- click here to start your free Lyoness membership. You can save money on all kinds of things you buy now- gas, groceries, travel, home improvements, clothing, furniture- from many of the merchants you shop with already. And, if you tell others and they join too, you can make even more money. You are welcome to a Free Lyoness Membership even if you choose not to use my Personal Coaching Services! Get Cashback!

The Value of a Consultant

The most successful people and businesses bring in an expert from the outside every now and then to get another perspective. Often something simple is overlooked because those who work closely every day just miss it. I can be your Consultant. Look through this site and you will understand my skill sets.

How to Get Started

The first step is to connect. I offer all my site visitors a free- no strings attached 15 minute consultation. I won’t take on a client if we don’t click, or if I do not feel I can really help. We’ll decide together.

The first charged hour is $79 (through PayPal). After that first hour, we will determine what needs to be done next and price accordingly. You may want weekly sessions or maybe a group talk. Remember- as a Lyoness member you will get 6% of that back, 2% as Cashback and the other 4% into your Loyalty account. That can build up to create great residuals as you and your family shop with Lyoness.

My Guarantee:

I have worked in traditional Sales and Marketing for decades and have trained thousands of sales people. I have also been in the Network Marketing Industry for decades. If you and your team are in a program, I will support your efforts, whatever you promote. This coaching is for you, tailored for what you do, and that is my goal- to provide you value and make you more successful!