MLM Lead Generation- Top 7 MLM Lead Generation Strategies

MLM lead generation is critical when it comes to finding success in NetworkLooking for MLM Leads Marketing. Just as any business thrives or fails based on their flow of leads, an MLM business is no exception. You need leads! Leads may seem more important when you just get started in a Network Marketing program, but lead generation will remain a constant concern throughout your career in the industry.

MLM Lead Generation- My Top 7 Strategies

There are a number of different strategies that can be used for lead generation, but the best results are achieved by using a combination approach with multiple strategies. Here are seven categories of MLM lead generation approaches I will touch on in this article:

1)      Warm Market

2)      Local Prospecting

3)      Traditional Advertising

4)      Buying Leads

5)      Search Engine Marketing

6)      Social Networking

7)      Attraction Marketing

Warm market is where most people start their MLM marketing. Warm market means all of your friends, family, and coworkers- people you already know, or have known. It is the simplest and fastest way to succeed with your MLM lead generation strategies. These leads are golden. You can make mistakes; you can say the wrong things, but your friends will be very forgiving, in contrast to cold market.

MLM Lead Generation ListsBuild a big list. Having a large number of potential contacts takes the pressure off of each individual. If you miss one, you have plenty more to contact. With warm market you have the benefit of pre-established trust. If you’re trying to recruit someone into any opportunity it’s critical that they trust you, or you’re going nowhere. That’s why warm market is the foundation of a successful MLM lead generation strategy.

But trying to recruit people you already know can put them in an awkward and uncomfortable position. You have to do this right. They don’t want to disappoint you, but at the same time they may actually have no interest in what you offer. The best way to deal with your warm market is to approach those people with no expectations. Use a referral approach asking them who they might know that may have an interest, hoping they might say, “What about me?” You can actually alienate friends, relatives, and coworkers if you pursue them too aggressively. When dealing with warm market in your MLM lead generation efforts, bring them information without expectations. That’s the key. Warm market takes finesse and must be done right.

Local prospecting for MLM lead generation is called cold market prospecting. Why? Simply because of the huge amount of rejection- the cold shoulder you can expect. Some people find a degree of success by joining groups to meet numbers of people, but you still have to establish trust before you can expect to be successful bringing them into your opportunity. Patience and tact are really important here too. Local prospecting for MLM lead generation is not for the thin-skinned. Also realize it may not be something that is easily duplicated by most others on your team.

MLM Lead Generation with Traditional AdvertisingTraditional advertising avenues like radio, TV, print, direct mail, and outside advertising like billboards and ad space on buses or cabs is not very effective for MLM lead generation. However these methods will give positive results if you’re promoting an event. If your MLM company offers products that are widely used in the marketplace and you have a better deal, you could run a free seminar on how to reduce your cost for those products or services. Advertising that promotes an event can produce very satisfying MLM lead generation results.

Buying leads is dangerous unless you have no concerns about money, because you may find yourself wasting a bunch of it. Many list brokers sell their lists time and time again. And sometimes what they suggest is a highly qualified lead is only a scrubbing program pulling names and e-mail addresses off of the Internet. When it comes to buying leads, buyer beware. Start with a small sample from someone you have been referred to. Don’t ask me to refer one. I have had some miserable experiences.

SEM or search engine marketing includes both pay per click and SEO. Pay per click is very simple. Create a well-designed lead funnel that starts with your advertising on one of the search engines sites and directs people to a capture site with a compelling offer that gives you a high conversion rate and registration rate from your visitors. Then move them further with your autoresponder e-mail campaign. This is something you have to watch closely, especially when you first get started. Do your keyword research first to see who you will be competing against. Then set up a modest budget and a narrow target market. As you start to get results you can broaden your parameters. All advertising should include an A/B testing approach. With most search engines, that’s simple. MLM Lead Generation with SEO

SEO is an entirely different animal. Ranking on the front page of search engine results for highly searched keywords is extremely competitive, requires skill and patience, but can be incredibly rewarding once mastered. Being on the front page among the first three or four listings for a keyword that, in a pay per click campaign, would cost a couple dollars per click, is worth big money. The effort you put into SEO can pay great dividends.

Social Networking is a huge topic too. It’s all about relationships and offering solutions to those you meet. Most everyone starts by blasting their new acquaintances with information about their incredible business opportunity. That doesn’t work. People are not online or on Social Networking sites searching to find an opportunity. They’re looking for solutions so they can get more results with whatever products, services, or opportunity they are already marketing.

MLM lead generation using Social Networks takes time. There are many methods you can use to offer valuable information. Try them all. Get involved in groups. Offer free tips and information to break the ice. Add value. Interact, always thinking, “How can I benefit others and build trust so they want to interact directly with me?” I like to offer the Free Smart Media Desktop download because everybody appreciates it. Try it yourself.

    MLM Lead Generation with Social Networking

One tremendous way to get noticed on Social Networking sites is to ask questions. People who understand Social Networking etiquette watch for opportunities to provide value, and your questions satisfy that need. Think about this. Have you ever done a favor for someone and not felt more connected to them after that? Not only do you create a relationship by asking for help, but you can get guidance from seasoned professionals that could be very costly if you had to go out and find that same information on your own. Just beware of the potential to log into a Social Networking site and have hours slip away without even realizing it. Remember that your ultimate objective is MLM lead generation.

Attraction marketing is the most appealing method of online MLM lead generation. That’s when you become such an authority figure that people seek you out rather than the other way around. MLM Lead generation using Attraction MarketingYou will be blown away the first time you have someone call you and say, “I found you online. You’ve been a tremendous help with all the information you’ve offered, and I was wondering if you might consider coaching me.” When you hang up the phone, you’re likely to think of all of those months that you were chasing people around and trying to develop leads and not finding the success you wanted. Now people are calling you. It’s an addictive experience. You will want more of it. That’s the beautiful part of attraction marketing with an MLM lead generation objective. The only negative is that it takes time, patience, and skills. With that said, you’d better get started right away and stop wasting time.

MLM Lead Generation Thrives on Variety

When it comes to MLM lead generation, I’ve tried everything I’ve listed here and a lot more. I have used Job Posting sites with moderate success. I have cold called posted resumes. I’ve handed out fliers, run seminars, and put my business cards in phone booths. You should experiment too. Find a few strategies you like and overlap them. For example, start with your warm market with no expectations, and put up a couple pay per click ads. Join some groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and do some interacting. Find some keywords that have low competition and a moderate number of searches and go after those. It’s an ongoing process so find out what you truly enjoy and focus there. Remember, if you can find an occupation you really love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That’s especially true when it comes to MLM lead generation.

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