Keyword Tools- External Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool External Keyword ToolsKeyword research using proven keyword tools like some of the paid programs or the free Google External Keyword Tool is unquestionably the number one most important activity for anyone marketing on the Internet. The #1 mistake online marketers make is guessing at keywords!

To be successful online we have to face the fact that people find information online by searching, and the words that they type into the search boxes become valuable keywords. If you know the trends and can identify what people are searching for, and specifically what words they use in those search boxes to find that information, you can be there waiting for them with the information they seek. That’s what keyword research using proven keyword tools does for you.

Why You Need to use Keyword Tools

If you want people to find your profile in sites like LinkedIn or YouTube, you had better use keyword tools to do keyword research to determine what words you want to be found for. Let’s say you’d like to be known as a home based business specialist. Are the words “home based business specialist” searched for? If so, you’re all set. Use those words. But what if “home based business specialist” gets 10,000 searches a month with low competition and “home business expert” gets 100,000 with low competition? Could that be? Absolutely! You had better know for sure before you commit to those words. And that’s why keyword research using proven keyword tools is critical to being found online.

The first thing most people learn about search engine optimization is that keywords are an important component. They hear terms like keyword density. But SEO is much more than using keyword tools to do research and then writing shooting for a 4% density of those words. But… keywords are certainly the foundation.

Keywords need to be in both the title and the body of the article. Their density helps the search engines understand what the article is all about. Search engines use that information to categorize everything they find. They display their results in the order they believe to be the most relevant for their customers who search using their sites. To keep people coming back to their search engine they need to give sound, accurate, relevant results.

Your Keyword Tools Offer Keywords for Everything

To make those keywords even more obvious to the search engines, experts suggest bolding the keywords throughout the article, italicizing them, or even putting them in as anchor text so they stand out. Those keywords should be in the title, in the H2 and H3 tags, in the name and description of pictures and visuals on that post, and in the list of meta keyword tags and the meta description for that post. If you take the time to place keywords are in all those positions, it makes sense to take the time to use a keyword tool because you’d better be picking the right ones.

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing keyword research and using keyword tools. Google’s external keyword tool is a perfect starting point before you consider investing in something more elaborate. Watch the 11 minute video in the Phil Stone Training Videos library to learn more. (Register top right for free access) You’ll find my “Keyword Research” video is the first one listed, and there’s a reason for that.