How to Automate Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing by Phil StoneIf you want to get great results from the time you spend on Pinterest, you are in the right place. I will explain how to automate Pinterest. My secret weapon- the Ninja Pinner! Try it FREE!The Ninja Pinner, Pinterest Automation Software

I opened my first Pinterest account months ago with the plan to drive traffic to my blog and create fast and elaborate link wheels. It worked. I have had substantial traffic increases. I have had numerous people purchase some of the powerful marketing tools I offer and use myself, so I have made money with Pinterest. I have also had a trackable number of people contact me directly, a few of whom have joined me in our Primary Business. Not bad, right?

If you know me or have spent time on my blogs, you understand my passion for true automation. Well, I now know how to automate Pinterest! If you are serious about getting results, you should too.

Automation is no replacement for relationship building. Some people call it referral marketing, some attraction marketing, but whatever you name it, it brings results. Kim and I attract people into our business and work with them directly. It’s the relationship that drives our success. Automation just gets the process started.

Pinterest has proven itself to have power, it’s here for the long haul, but it is a slow build that can drain your time.

Accelerate your Pinterest Growth

I’ve been searching for a program I can count on to automate Pinterest- and I’ve found it. Pinpal bot looked good, a bit complicated, with a price tag of $250. The Ninja Pinner program is not as automated as Tweet Adder. With Tweet Adder I can set it and not even pay attention for days. Using the Ninja, I have to manually initiate automated tasks, but just the “unfollow those who are not following you” feature makes it worthwhile. Then add all the other features and it’s a great value. I got the unlimited license for $67. That way I can set up numerous Pinterest accounts and create link wheels along with directly driving traffic here, to my blog. The single license is $47. If you might ever open a second account, why not spend the extra $20? Try it FREE.

Tweet Adder has helped me build a system of 750,000 followers for us. I cannot tell you how much traffic I have driven with that over the years, but it has been a powerful part of our recruiting success. Linking an automated system of Pinterest accounts will be explosive.

Though I have more to play with and investigate, I have learned a lot. I set up a brand new account just to see what could be done with the Ninja Pinner and was able to add over 200 followers in less than 24 hours without breaking a sweat. Everything I have done looks very natural so I don’t have to worry about losing an account by breaking the rules. I’ve lived through those catastrophes too many times already.

Automate Pinterest for Great Results

If you are serious about driving traffic and generating results with Pinterest, it’s as simple as just pushing the button; get the Ninja Pinner. If you get it through my site, remember I’ll be happy to help. Look for tutorial videos here soon. Once you have it, you will then be among the few who know how to automate Pinterest!

Click here for your FREE trial of the Ninja Pinner!

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