Get Backlinks and Build Linkwheels

You have to get backlinks and build linkwheels to multiply your chances of being found by the search engines! Just as keywords tell the search engines what an article or post is all about, backlinks, or incoming links to your site or article, show the search engines how important your content is to others online. If you want high ranking in search results it starts with keywords and it ends with backlinks and linkwheels.Get Backlinks and Build Linkwheels

Where Can You Build Backlinks?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of places online that you can open up an account and put links from that account pointed to any site or post you choose. Collectively they can become powerful linkwheels. Each one of those backlinks is like a vote for your site, giving your site more strength in the eyes of the search engines. Unlike traditional voting were all votes are equal, online, the value of the backlink increases based on the strength of the site it is coming from. A link from a site with a high PR, or page rank, gives your site far more strength than a site with a low PR.

It’s exactly like a recommendation. If you’re going to put a recommendation in your resume, one from an internationally renowned attorney would be far more powerful than one from a small business owner. Each would have value, but the difference is obvious.

Set up a free account at a site like and you can upload content, including a link to your main site or post. That backlink will help improve your ranking. One way to boost the value when you get backlinks from your site is to build up the power of your site by building backlinks to it too. So maybe you set up a free site and you put one link pointing to your main site from that new WordPress site and another link pointed to your site. Now your main site, your money site, has a backlink from and another from your free site. And since you have the new backlink from your WordPress site to that Blogger site, the site has more value in the eyes of the search engines. This is the beginning of the process to get backlinks and build linkwheels.

Repeat the process of opening a site or an account, get backlinks to your money site, and then also link that to another site that links to your money site, and pretty soon you have what resembles a wheel with sites like our planets revolving around your money site as if it were the sun, all linking together. That’s where the term “linkwheel” comes from. For a visual of how this actually looks, check out the video in the Phil Stone Training Videos library called “Building Backlinks and Link Wheels”.

Use Automation to Get Backlinks and Build Linkwheels

Because this is such a powerful strategy for SEO, and getting ranked for search engine is highly competitive, you are going to be competing with people who use high-tech automation. You’ll need to use the tools that the big boys and girls use. You’ll find many of those at–tools/.

Get backlinks and build linkwheels if you want the fastest method to improve your search engine ranking. Then get backlinks and build linkwheels for the sites you have that point to your money site. The combination is deadly. You will outpace the vast majority of your competition with this one strategy alone.