Boost Your Click Through Rate

Your click through rate is a critical part of driving traffic. If you have a list of 100 people and you get Boost Your Click Through Ratea click through rate of 1%, you get the same results as someone who has a list of 50 people who gets a click through rate of 2%. Double your click through rate and you double the value of your list. Quadruple it, your list has four times the value– and so on. So click through rate is something that only the foolish will ignore.

I’m always amazed when I open an e-mail or log onto Facebook and someone is proudly announcing that they have a “new link”. I have never had a shortage of links to follow, have you? So I’m not sitting around waiting for someone to give me a “new link”. I don’t click on that link. I shake my head, and hit “delete”.

The only way that “new link” approach works is if you already have a following. Loyal followers will click on a link from a leader without knowing where the link will take them. They trust the leader to offer value. But someone new, someone who doesn’t know that leader, someone who values their time will not be clicking. In order to radically improve your click through rate you need to tell your prospective clicker why they should want to invest their time following your link.

Improve Click Through Rates by Selling Benefits

It’s even more than saying, “Click here for some great information.” If you want to improve your click through rate you need to spell out the benefits someone can expect from following that link. Give them a compelling reason to click- and they will click.

It’s important that those benefits are laid out as ad copy rather than paragraphs in a post or article too. You have just got a moment to get your viewers attention, stopping them from what they were already doing, and convincing them to invest their time following your link. Short benefit statements are your key. And those will result in a far greater click through rate.

Increase Your Click Through Rate with Good Looking Links

Another issue that will influence click through rate is the appearance of the link. Assuming you’re sending a live link, something than can be clicked on without typing anything, you’ll get a better click through rate with an unintimidating link. What do I mean by that? Have you ever seen the link that’s about a mile long with all kinds of symbols and figures? It makes you feel uncomfortable. It looks intimidating. People are not going to click on a link that scares them, even if it is only subliminally intimidating. That’s why many people use URL shorteners like A link is far less intimidating than one of those mile long links. And links like those you find here on are either user friendly links based on how I set my blog link structure or created with Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate so the reader is not intimidated, and also gets a clue about the destination from the link itself. For example,–is–article–marketing/ is a link on my site. If you’re already on and you see that link, you will feel safe clicking on it and you will expect to find something about article marketing.

If you want a high click through rate, give people a brief list of benefits they can expect, how long it might take them to get those benefits, and what obligations they will have when they get there. Are they going to have to input their name and email to get access before they get the benefits, or will they get the benefits just by clicking on the link. Let them know. Sell the benefits and you will definitely enhance your click through rate, multiplying the value of your list and your success online.

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