The Best Spinner- An Internet Super Tool

The Best Spinner I’m going to tell you why I use The Best Spinner and why I believe it’s a very important tool if you intend to market aggressively on the Internet- beyond just pay per click- using articles you create.

You compose articles for your blog, or maybe you do article marketing, and the result you’re looking for is to have people find your content, realize you provide value, and then connect with you in a manner that you can capture their contact information to use for continued communication. If you are a network marketer you will be hoping to create a relationship that will allow you to recruit them into your business. If you’re an affiliate marketer you’re hoping to introduce the people who find you through your blog site or your articles to the products that you represent. If they see the value in those products and purchase them you now have a revenue source. If that summarizes your goals online you need The Best Spinner.

The Best Spinner is a Must-Have Tool

Before using The Best Spinner I start with voice recognition software to write articles. That’s exactly how I wrote this one. Anything that saves me time and mechanizes what I do moves me closer to success. I start by dictating to my voice recognition software and then I go back and do manual edits to create a real quality article. But if I were to spend time composing and creating quality content only have one article to post I would be making a huge mistake. Believe me, that’s how I started. Most people do.

First of all it’s important to know and understand that you can only post one unique article one time online. If you were to put an article on your blog site and then submit that exact same article to an article submission site once the search engines recognize that your content was duplicate, both would be ignored. You could even be penalized for it.

In general, articles need to be at least 15% unique to be able to be considered unique content. You can use a free program called Copyscape at to check written materials for uniqueness. You can register for Copyscape Premium and check anything for pennies. My recommendation is to go for 30% or better. So, what you could do is write your article and then post it to your blog or an article submission site, and then go back and edit your article manually making it at least 15% different than the original. Then you could submit the second article. If you were to go back and do that again you can submit a third. 50 submissions might take a while, right?

What if you could write an article and use an inexpensive program to be able to create literally hundreds of variations that are truly unique from the title all the way through to close without having to do it manually? That’s exactly why I purchased The Best Spinner- which includes Copyscape in the program.

With The Best Spinner I can take an article that I have composed and spend a half hour to 45 minutes- maybe even an hour and create literally hundreds of variations that are more than 30% unique. As a matter fact I can target for 40% or 50% uniqueness. If I combine my results from The Best Spinner with an article submission program, I’m in business. In the space of a couple of hours I can create an article, spin that article to create multiple unique versions, and then submit those articles to sites all over the web. That multiplies my chances of people finding one of those articles. And each article represents at least one incoming link to the site that I consider my “money site”. As I’m sure you know, the more links I have going to my money site, the higher ranking I can expect for my site and my articles to achieve.

Why The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is the most comprehensive spinning program available- period. The Best Spinner offers a one-week trial for only $7. If you choose to keep The Best Spinner you’ll pay another $77 for the year. Then each year you can choose to continue or not. All upgrades are included free and the folks that put this all together are really dedicated to making it the best spinner available. My suggestion – try it yourself. If you’re serious about marketing on the Internet, The Best Spinner is a tool you should not be without.