Article Spinning- What Is Article Spinning

What is article spinning– a superlative way to multiply the results from your What is Article Spinning Articlewriting efforts. Composing a quality article takes time. To develop a valuable article and only put it on your blog site severely limits your potential return. What if you could take that same article and create multiple unique variations of it? Then you then could post them all over the Internet, building backlinks and driving traffic. That’s exactly what you get with article spinning.

Article Spinning Eliminates Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not acceptable online. It’s easy to understand why. Imagine you have written an article and you get first position, first page placement by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keywords you’ve selected. If you took that same identical article and uploaded it to another site, would it make sense for the search engines to have your identical article in the second position as well? Then you upload that same article to a third site and get third position in searches- and you keep doing that- getting fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on. You wind up with your identical article showing in search results in every slot in page after page of the search results.

Of course that won’t work. That is why article spinning is so crucial. Search engines must categorize things so the people who use them get relevant results when they type words in the search boxes. Getting more than one version of your identical article in search results would be absolutely absurd. So what the search engines do? They ignore the duplicate content completely. They may even penalize your site ranking as a result of finding duplicate content on it.

Article Spinning for Top RankingGo back to our scenario. If you get first position, first page placement for the keywords you’ve selected within your article and you put up a second article exactly the same, the search engines aren’t going to eliminate your first page placement, but the second version will not be allowed to rank well.

The reason it works that way is this. If finding a second version of an article eliminated the placement of the first original version, all you would have to do to dislodge a competitor from a first position rank would be to copy their article and put an identical version of it up online, and all of a sudden they would not have the rank that they previously enjoyed. You’d be able to knock them out with that very simple trick.

That brings us back to our original question, “what is article spinning?”

Article spinning is the process of taking your article and using bracketing to allow synonyms for any of the words you have in your article to be interchanged by spinning programs. Here is an example:

{Allow me to|Let me|Can I|Should I} try this

That phrase was written in spin syntax. An article spinning program will take that one sentence written using the bracketing and create 4 different sentences. Here are the 4 that come from the spin syntax above:

  •          Allow me to try this
  •          Let me try this
  •          Can I try this
  •          Should I try this

If I were to put in three additional synonyms for the word ‘try’ in our phrase above using the same type of bracketing, I would multiply the potential options by a factor of 4. There would be 16 possibilities. If I take an entire article and do that line by line and phrase by phrase, I can create an article that can be spun to have almost limitless possibilities that would be very unique and would not be considered duplicate content by the search engines. That is the power of article spinning.

I Use The Best Spinner for Article Spinning

The program I use for article spinning, The Best Spinner, makes the process a snap. I can input my article and the spinner gives me a multitude of synonyms that I can choose just by highlighting them. In about 45 minutes I can take a 500 word article and create hundreds of versions, title and all, in spin syntax. I can print or save or upload any one of them anyplace I choose. That is the answer to the question, “what is article spinning?” Article spinning is a must for anyone serious about article marketing!

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